Schizophrenia with Adjunctive Treatment for Teen’s

NaBen vs Placebo as Adjunctive Treatment

$50 per completed visit


Study Specific Details:

  • NaBen vs Placebo as adjunctive treatment with current antipsychotic.
  • 7 visits over an 8 week period.
  • Fasting required (at least 8 hours) for screening visit.
  • Participants are reimbursed $50 for their time and travel at the end of each completed visit.
  • Inclusion
  • Exclusion
  • Any male or female between 12-17 of age.
  • DSM-IV or 5 diagnosis of schizophrenia based on the MINI.
  • Are clinically stable with residual symptoms, defined as a total score of greater or equal to 60 of PANSS and a score of great or equal to 40 for SANS. 
  • Stable on current antipsychotic for 8 weeks prior to baseline and expected to remain unchanged during the study. 
  • Depot or long acting antipsychotics need to be unchanged accordingly: 6 months - Olanzapine pamoate monohydrate (Zypadhera).  10 months - Invega, Paliperidone (Xeplion) and Aripiprazole (Maintena).  At least 6 times duration of the reported half life of minimum of 4 months of other depot or long-acting anti-psychotics.
  • Diagnosis of mental retardation, dissociative disorder, bipolar disorder, MDD, schizoaffective disorder, schizophreniform, autistic disorder, or primary-induced psychotic disorder.  
  • Other comorbid disorders are allowed as long as Schizophrenia is primary and the comorbid disorder(s) does not require medication. 
  • Resistant to 2 different antipsychotics of adequate dose. 
  • History of epilepsy, head trauma, or neurological illness other than Tourette's. 
  • Use of depot antipsychotics in the past 6 months.
  • BMI > 35
  • Current substance abuse or positive urine illicit drug screening or history of substance dependence, including alcohol, in the past 3 months of screening. 
  • History of allergic reaction to sodium benzoate
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